Pak Studies

O level Pakistan Studies 2059


The Cambridge O Level Pakistan Studies syllabus introduces learners to the history, culture, geography, environment and development of Pakistan. They learn about Pakistan’s rich heritage and cultural influences, and about the events which have shaped national identity, from the decline of Mughal power up to 1999. Through their studies, learners gain an understanding of historical skills and concepts, and examine different interpretations of historical events.

They also consider the geography of Pakistan and the environmental and development issues facing the country. This will encourage a better understanding of the interaction between economy and environment, an understanding enhanced by the study of different source materials and perspectives. This syllabus gives all learners an appreciation of the heritage, the challenges and opportunities facing Pakistan.




1.O Level History Notes by Sir Hamza Muhammad Ali

2.History Source based Questions

3.O level pakistan studies History notes by Virtual University

4.Pakistan Studies Paper1 Selected Questions.

5.Pakistan Insights Into Its Geography and Economy Book By Mohammad Anwar.

6.Pakistan Studies Source Based Questions collection by Syed Hassan Raza.

7.O level pakistan studies 2059 Example Candidate response.