IGCSE Mathematics Past Papers


About Mathematics (0580)

Cambridge International IGCSE Mathematics expands on the abilities procured at Cambridge IGCSE (or equal) level. The syllabus includes the main theoretical concepts which are fundamental to the subject.

An essential subject for all learners, Cambridge IGCSE Mathematics encourages the development of mathematical knowledge as a key life skill, and as a strong basis for more advanced study. The syllabus aims to build learners’ confidence by helping them develop competence and fluency with mathematical concepts, methods and skills, as well as a feel for numbers, patterns and relationships. The syllabus also places a strong emphasis on solving problems and presenting and interpreting results. Learners also gain an understanding of how to communicate and reason using mathematical concepts.

As they progress, learners understand how science is studied and practised, and become aware that the results of scientific research can have both good and bad effects on individuals, communities and the environment.

Practicing IGCSE Maths Question Papers are perfect for students who need to ponder Living organism or a wide assortment of related subjects at college or to take after a vocation in Maths. It would be ideal if you take note of that the Scheme of Assessment has changed since 2005.

IGCSE Mathematics Past Papers

Get most recent Cambridge IGCSE Past Papers, Marking Schemes Examiner Reports and Grade Thresholds. We have updated the IGCSE Past Papers section with the Latest papers including the Oct/Nov 2017 and May/June 2018. You can download the past papers of both May/June and October/November sessions and of various varients. Very Old years papers are not yet uploaded, it will also be uploaded in few days.

Mathematics (0580) Past Papers

0580_w17_qp_43 2.16 MB DownloadPreview
0580_w17_qp_42 2.65 MB DownloadPreview
0580_w17_qp_41 2.47 MB DownloadPreview
0580_w17_qp_33 2.32 MB DownloadPreview
0580_w17_qp_32 2.19 MB DownloadPreview
0580_w17_qp_31 2.39 MB DownloadPreview
0580_w17_qp_22 1.84 MB DownloadPreview
0580_w17_qp_21 2.18 MB DownloadPreview
0580_w17_qp_13 1.72 MB DownloadPreview
0580_w17_qp_12 1.72 MB DownloadPreview
0580_w17_qp_11 1.75 MB DownloadPreview
0580_w17_ms_43 233.95 KB DownloadPreview
0580_w17_ms_42 250.18 KB DownloadPreview
0580_w17_ms_41 214.13 KB DownloadPreview
0580_w17_ms_33 190.87 KB DownloadPreview
0580_w17_ms_32 209.45 KB DownloadPreview
0580_w17_ms_31 201.86 KB DownloadPreview
0580_w17_ms_22 212.79 KB DownloadPreview
0580_w17_ms_21 221.66 KB DownloadPreview
0580_w17_ms_13 181.94 KB DownloadPreview
0580_w17_ms_12 178.21 KB DownloadPreview
0580_w17_ms_11 180.60 KB DownloadPreview
0580_w17_gt 117.30 KB DownloadPreview
0580_w16_qp_43 0.99 MB DownloadPreview
0580_w16_qp_42 1.26 MB DownloadPreview
0580_w16_qp_41 1.15 MB DownloadPreview
0580_w16_qp_33 1.11 MB DownloadPreview
0580_w16_qp_32 973.93 KB DownloadPreview
0580_w16_qp_31 0.96 MB DownloadPreview
0580_w16_qp_23 1.04 MB DownloadPreview
0580_w16_qp_22 0.98 MB DownloadPreview
0580_w16_qp_21 920.32 KB DownloadPreview
0580_w16_qp_13 852.26 KB DownloadPreview
0580_w16_qp_12 0.98 MB DownloadPreview
0580_w16_qp_11 904.31 KB DownloadPreview
0580_w16_ms_43 256.55 KB DownloadPreview
0580_w16_ms_42 241.49 KB DownloadPreview
0580_w16_ms_41 232.04 KB DownloadPreview
0580_w16_ms_33 204.37 KB DownloadPreview
0580_w16_ms_32 222.59 KB DownloadPreview
0580_w16_ms_31 216.53 KB DownloadPreview
0580_w16_ms_23 241.60 KB DownloadPreview
0580_w16_ms_22 249.77 KB DownloadPreview
0580_w16_ms_21 252.78 KB DownloadPreview
0580_w16_ms_13 192.01 KB DownloadPreview
0580_w16_ms_12 197.38 KB DownloadPreview
0580_w16_ms_11 214.53 KB DownloadPreview
0580_w16_gt 87.62 KB DownloadPreview
0580_w15_qp_43 0.99 MB DownloadPreview
0580_w15_qp_42 600.26 KB DownloadPreview
0580_w15_qp_41 0.96 MB DownloadPreview
0580_w15_qp_33 937.27 KB DownloadPreview
0580_w15_qp_32 1.00 MB DownloadPreview
0580_w15_qp_31 914.55 KB DownloadPreview
0580_w15_qp_23 448.54 KB DownloadPreview
0580_w15_qp_22 0.98 MB DownloadPreview
0580_w15_qp_21 417.03 KB DownloadPreview
0580_w15_qp_13 958.41 KB DownloadPreview
0580_w15_qp_12 957.61 KB DownloadPreview
0580_w15_qp_11 454.26 KB DownloadPreview
0580_w15_ms_43 350.93 KB DownloadPreview
0580_w15_ms_42 308.66 KB DownloadPreview
0580_w15_ms_41 188.99 KB DownloadPreview
0580_w15_ms_33 135.96 KB DownloadPreview
0580_w15_ms_32 191.37 KB DownloadPreview
0580_w15_ms_31 165.47 KB DownloadPreview
0580_w15_ms_23 271.04 KB DownloadPreview
0580_w15_ms_22 287.42 KB DownloadPreview
0580_w15_ms_21 322.82 KB DownloadPreview
0580_w15_ms_13 137.37 KB DownloadPreview
0580_w15_ms_12 164.97 KB DownloadPreview
0580_w15_ms_11 164.38 KB DownloadPreview
0580_w15_gt 30.33 KB DownloadPreview
0580_s18_qp_42 2.39 MB DownloadPreview
0580_s18_qp_41 2.53 MB DownloadPreview
0580_s18_qp_33 2.24 MB DownloadPreview
0580_s18_qp_32 2.32 MB DownloadPreview
0580_s18_qp_31 2.68 MB DownloadPreview
0580_s18_qp_23 1.84 MB DownloadPreview
0580_s18_qp_22 2.23 MB DownloadPreview
0580_s18_qp_21 1.89 MB DownloadPreview
0580_s18_qp_13 1.71 MB DownloadPreview
0580_s18_qp_12 1.58 MB DownloadPreview
0580_s18_qp_11 1.61 MB DownloadPreview
0580_s18_ms_43 246.24 KB DownloadPreview
0580_s18_ms_42 233.90 KB DownloadPreview
0580_s18_ms_41 218.96 KB DownloadPreview
0580_s18_ms_33 201.42 KB DownloadPreview
0580_s18_ms_32 210.56 KB DownloadPreview
0580_s18_ms_31 235.76 KB DownloadPreview
0580_s18_ms_23 206.04 KB DownloadPreview
0580_s18_ms_22 221.76 KB DownloadPreview
0580_s18_ms_21 214.35 KB DownloadPreview
0580_s18_ms_13 181.05 KB DownloadPreview
0580_s18_ms_12 193.31 KB DownloadPreview
0580_s18_ms_11 173.59 KB DownloadPreview
0580_s18_gt 114.92 KB DownloadPreview
0580_s17_qp_43 2.64 MB DownloadPreview
0580_s17_qp_42 2.60 MB DownloadPreview
0580_s17_qp_41 2.33 MB DownloadPreview

How to Use these Past papersIGCSE Chart variant

  1. Don’t do papers until you’ve revised all the material already.
  2. Do one or two Question papers open book before putting yourself under an exam condition situation.
  3. Do it under timed conditions once you’ve completed the first and second stages of revision.
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