A level Physics Topical Past papers


A level Physics Topical Past papers

Paper 1

  1. Current electricity
  2. Elasticity
  3. Electric Fields
  4. Forces Kinematics
  5. Nuclear Physics
  6. Properties of matters
  7. Superposition
  8. Units and Meaurement
  9. Waves
  10. Work energy and Power

Paper 2

  1. Elasticity
  2. Electric fields
  3. Electricity
  4. Forces
  5. Kinematics
  6. Meaurements
  7. Properties of matters
  8. Radioactivity
  9. Superposition
  10. Waves
  11. Work Energy and Power

Paper 4

  1. Capacitors
  2. Charged Particles
  3. Circular Motion
  4. Direct sensing
  5. Electromagnetsim
  6. Gravitation
  7. Photons and electric effects
  8. Principles of communication
  9. Radioactivity
  10. Remote sensing
  11. Simple harmonic motion
  12. Thermal properties

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  1. Could you kindly add mark schemes, so that we can actually check our answers, but apart from that thank you for such excellent resources

  2. Thank You so much for your resource. It really helped me and I have cleared my head with doubts and confusions but please add mark schemes also as it is really necessary you know. i would be very thankful to you if you fulfil my desire


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