A Level Chemistry Revision guide [PDF]


Cambridge International AS & A Level Chemistry Revision Guide (PDF) by David BevanAs and A level chemistry revision guide pdf

Cambridge International AS and A Level Chemistry Revision Guide offers support for students as they prepare for their AS and A Level Chemistry (9701) exams. Containing up-to-date material that matches the syllabus for examination from 2016 and packed full of guidance, such as Worked Examples, Tips and Progress Check Questions, throughout to help students to hone their revision and exam technique, as well as avoid common mistakes.Each feature of the book has been specifically designed to help students apply their knowledge in exams. Written in clear language and a straightforward tone, the Cambridge International AS and A Level Chemistry Revision Guide PDF is perfect for international learners.

Features of the Book

  • Worked Examples guide learners through content in a step by step way, illustrating how to tackle complex problems.
  • Formative assessment in the form of Progress Check. Questions appear throughout, allowing learners to track their understanding.
  • Tips throughout to help and remind students about exam technique, common errors and misunderstandings.
  • Exam-style questions in each chapter provide opportunity for summative-style assessment.
  • Clear Learning Objectives at the start of each section to aid navigation and track progress.


  • Title page
  • Imprint page
  • Table of contents
  • How to use this book
  • 1. Moles and equations
  • 2. Atomic structure
  • 3. Electrons in atoms
  • 4. Chemical bonding
  • 5. States of matter
  • 6. Enthalpy changes
  • 7. Redox reactions
  • 8. Redox reactions
  • 9. Rates of reaction
  • 10. Periodicity
  • 11. Group 2
  • 12. Group 17
  • 13. Nitrogen and sulfur
  • 14. Introduction to organic chemistry
  • 15. Hydrocarbons
  • 16. Halogenoalkanes
  • 17. Alcohols, esters and carboxylic acids
  • 18. Carbonyl compounds
  • 19. Lattice energy
  • 20. Electrochemistry
  • 21. Further aspects of equilibria
  • 22. Reaction kinetics
  • 23. Entropy and Gibbs free energy
  • 24. Transition elements
  • 25. Benzene and its compounds
  • 26. Carboxylic acids and their derivatives
  • 27. Organic nitrogen compounds
  • 28. Polymerisation
  • 29. Analytical chemistry
  • 30. Organic synthesis
  • PS. Practical skills
  • Answers to Progress Check questions
  • Answers to Exam-style questions
  • Glossary
  • Index

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