A Level Chemistry (9701) Past Papers


A level Chemistry Past Papers

Get most recent Cambridge A Level Chemistry Past Papers, Marking Schemes Examiner Reports and Grade Thresholds. We have updated the A Level Past Papers section with the Latest A level Chemistry papers including the Oct/Nov 2017 and May/June 2018. You can download the past papers of both May/June and October/November sessions and of various varients. Practicing these Papers will enable you to do best at your A level Chemistry Exam.

How to Use the A level Chemistry Past papers

  1. Don’t do past papers until you’ve revised all the material already.
  2. Do one or two past-papers open book before putting yourself under an exam condition situation.
  3. Do papers under timed conditions once you’ve completed the first and second stages of past paper revision.

A level chemistry past papers variant chart

Chemistry (9701) Past Papers

9701_w18_qp_53 DownloadPreview
9701_w18_qp_52 DownloadPreview
9701_w18_qp_51 DownloadPreview
9701_w18_qp_43 DownloadPreview
9701_w18_qp_42 DownloadPreview
9701_w18_qp_41 DownloadPreview
9701_w18_qp_36 DownloadPreview
9701_w18_qp_35 DownloadPreview
9701_w18_qp_34 DownloadPreview
9701_w18_qp_33 DownloadPreview
9701_w18_qp_31 DownloadPreview
9701_w18_qp_23 DownloadPreview
9701_w18_qp_22 DownloadPreview
9701_w18_qp_21 DownloadPreview
9701_w18_qp_13 DownloadPreview
9701_w18_qp_12 DownloadPreview
9701_w18_qp_11 DownloadPreview
9701_w18_qp_11 DownloadPreview
9701_w18_ms_53 DownloadPreview
9701_w18_ms_52 DownloadPreview
9701_w18_ms_51 DownloadPreview
9701_w18_ms_43 DownloadPreview
9701_w18_ms_42 DownloadPreview
9701_w18_ms_41 DownloadPreview
9701_w18_ms_36 DownloadPreview
9701_w18_ms_35 DownloadPreview
9701_w18_ms_34 DownloadPreview
9701_w18_ms_33 DownloadPreview
9701_w18_ms_31 DownloadPreview
9701_w18_ms_23 DownloadPreview
9701_w18_ms_22 DownloadPreview
9701_w18_ms_21 DownloadPreview
9701_w18_ms_13 DownloadPreview
9701_w18_ms_12 DownloadPreview
9701_w18_ms_11 DownloadPreview
9701_w18_gt DownloadPreview
9701_w18_ci_36 DownloadPreview
9701_w18_ci_35 DownloadPreview
9701_w18_ci_34 DownloadPreview
9701_w18_ci_33 DownloadPreview
9701_w18_ci_31 DownloadPreview
9701_w17_qp_53 DownloadPreview
9701_w17_qp_52 DownloadPreview
9701_w17_qp_51 DownloadPreview
9701_w17_qp_43 DownloadPreview
9701_w17_qp_42 DownloadPreview
9701_w17_qp_41 DownloadPreview
9701_w17_qp_36 DownloadPreview
9701_w17_qp_35 DownloadPreview
9701_w17_qp_34 DownloadPreview
9701_w17_qp_33 DownloadPreview
9701_w17_qp_31 DownloadPreview
9701_w17_qp_23 DownloadPreview
9701_w17_qp_22 DownloadPreview
9701_w17_qp_21 DownloadPreview
9701_w17_qp_13 DownloadPreview
9701_w17_qp_12 DownloadPreview
9701_w17_qp_11 DownloadPreview
9701_w17_ms_53 DownloadPreview
9701_w17_ms_52 DownloadPreview
9701_w17_ms_51 DownloadPreview
9701_w17_ms_43 DownloadPreview
9701_w17_ms_42 DownloadPreview
9701_w17_ms_41 DownloadPreview
9701_w17_ms_36 DownloadPreview
9701_w17_ms_35 DownloadPreview
9701_w17_ms_34 DownloadPreview
9701_w17_ms_33 DownloadPreview
9701_w17_ms_31 DownloadPreview
9701_w17_ms_23 DownloadPreview
9701_w17_ms_22 DownloadPreview
9701_w17_ms_21 DownloadPreview
9701_w17_ms_13 DownloadPreview
9701_w17_ms_12 DownloadPreview
9701_w17_ms_11 DownloadPreview
9701_w17_ir_36 DownloadPreview
9701_w17_ir_35 DownloadPreview
9701_w17_ir_34 DownloadPreview
9701_w17_ir_33 DownloadPreview
9701_w17_ir_31 DownloadPreview
9701_w17_in_34 DownloadPreview
9701_w17_gt DownloadPreview
9701_w17_er DownloadPreview
9701_w16_qp_53 DownloadPreview
9701_w16_qp_52 DownloadPreview
9701_w16_qp_51 DownloadPreview
9701_w16_qp_43 DownloadPreview
9701_w16_qp_42 DownloadPreview
9701_w16_qp_41 DownloadPreview
9701_w16_qp_36 DownloadPreview
9701_w16_qp_35 DownloadPreview
9701_w16_qp_34 DownloadPreview
9701_w16_qp_33 DownloadPreview
9701_w16_qp_31 DownloadPreview
9701_w16_qp_23 DownloadPreview
9701_w16_qp_22 DownloadPreview
9701_w16_qp_21 DownloadPreview
9701_w16_qp_13 DownloadPreview
9701_w16_qp_12 DownloadPreview
9701_w16_qp_11 DownloadPreview
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